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Review Summary: An insult to every human sense imaginable, Sabki Bajegi Band should have never been made. Please skip this one!

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Plot: Anirudh Chawla had hosted a farmhouse party for his friends who are well known names in the party circuit, television and film industry. There were hidden cameras at the venue and candid conversations and confessions got recorded. When Anirudh Chawla and Yusuf Shaikh saw the raw uncensored footage they decided... Read more


Ironically, this Bollywood spoof about a bunch of horny friends talking porn is crass and ends up making a mockery of itself
Times of India
Now how does one begin? It's a tough film to describe, because it masquerades as a forward-thinking film, but under the layers, is worse than the most low-brow film
There are some unbelievably tacky scenes, for instance, in one of them a woman claims to recognise gays by the kind of handkerchiefs they carry!
Go for this if you really want to kill yourself in cinema, literally!
The director should put his hands behind his head and step away from the vehicle. Forever.
Bangalore Mirror
Watch it for sheer wastage of time
Box Office Capsule
Methinks, if the plot was fleshed out in a full-fledged 'feature film treatment', it would have done wonders