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Review Summary: As said and done, it is a different story, but lacks pace and clarity. Give it a watch to know where Surya Vs Surya went wrong.

Average Critic Rating: (2.58)
Cast: Nikhil Siddharth , Tridha Choudhury , Ragavendra Rao , Madhoo , Tanikella Bharani , Sayaji Shinde , Rao Ramesh , Praveen , Thagubothu Ramesh , Sathya , Viva Harsha , Mast Ali
Director: Karthik Ghattamaneni
Release Date: 05 Mar 2015
Est. Budget: 5.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 8.0 CR

Plot: The film story revolves around a young man Surya (Nikhil Siddharth) who suffers with a heriditary disorder Porphyria, that prevents him from going outside during the day and enjoying the beauty of life during daytime. He is raised by his mom (Madhoo). Additionally, he falls in love with a TV Read more

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Watch Surya vs Surya for Nikhil and the entertaining first half
Nikhils performance, interesting start with a good concept are the plus points of the movie but the movie looses it concept in the middle failing so dismally in engaging the audience. First half of the movie is entertaining . Karthik Ghattamaneni’s cinematography is excellent in framing, exposure, lighting and in songs.’ Hrudayame Santosham’ song is good and all the other song hinder the flow of the movie. Background score is louder. Editing could have been more sharp. Production values of the movie are good.
Business Of Tollywood
On the whole, Surya vs Surya has some decent moments. Nikhil’s performance, interesting set up and entertaining first half are major assets of this film. Nikhil’s popularity will bring in good crowds but a slow and predictable second half spoils the flow of the film to an extent and makes it just a one time watch.
Overall, this is a film which had great potential but lack of proper execution has brought down the impact. At the box office, the openings would be good and positive word of mouth will take it to success zone.
As said and done, it is a different story, but lacks pace and clarity. Give it a watch to know where Surya Vs Surya went wrong.
Concept and Content are two different entities supporting each other. Karthik got an innovative concept on hand. Problem was he missed in ample content to go on debut direction drive. To be much more specific, cameraman within himself dominated the proceedings than a director. First half went placidly entertaining without any hiccups. When the same is anticipated for secondf half, Karthik disappointed with a big lag. Tragically, a poorly etched climax did further more damage.
Films are supposed to be medium that showcase visual with sound to be added to accompaniment and layer the visual. May be that’s why film makers usually say show, don’t tell your storytelling on motion picture. But “Surya Vs Surya” goes the other way around in spite of some beautiful imaginary, the film follows the pronouncement of tell, don’t show and by the end you are left frustratingly disappointed at what could have been potentially brilliant
A feel good, heart touching, completely entertaining movie can be watched by people of all ages. Don’t miss to watch the movie.
If you really want to try a different genre film only because you got nothing to try anything else,try this without trying to keep any expectations. After trying…bla..bla..bla….JUST IGNORE IT Yaa….!!
Karthik Ghattamaneni on debut touched a different story which was not seen on Tollywood silver screen. First half goes with good pace and humour. Director highlighted the problem and also showed how mother cares for her son. Sentiment scenes take over second half decreasing the entertainment content. Lack of romance and chemistry between lead pair disappoints youth. Some dragging scenes slowed the tempo of the film which came back to track only in the climax. Director should be complimented for the good attempt coming with the unique subject.
Like all new-age films, the director tries to put forth the message that one has to know one’s self before getting others to love them. Now, while the premise is good, you don’t feel it happening to Surya. His character somehow lacks depth and Surya is made to appear as if he is too well off to even have genuine inner conflict.
First half passed off with some comedy and romantic scenes but second half moved at snails pace with lack of comedy and dragging scenes. Had second half sailed like first half result would have been different. Overall Nikhil missed a hat trick.
‘Surya vs Surya’ is a film that has a very innovative concept as its base. But the film suffers from a poor second half and weak narration. The emotional anguish of the hero does not radiate well enough and that is cause for disconnect. Great visuals and a good pre-interval block redeem things to a certain extent.
Comparatively, first half of Surya Vs Surya is more engaging than the second half, which falls flat due to less seriousness in the screenplay towards the end.
Surya vs Surya is not an easy film to make. Ideas like these need a very strong script to click with the audience. The film moves at a sluggish pace. The screenplay is uninteresting in spite of having a great premise. The film has limited scope for entertainment and director did his best to entertain by using the side characters.
The story has been quite interesting. But the screenplay and the narration have damaged the film. The first half of the film has been good enough but the second half has been a downfall. The music and the cinematography are the highlights of the movie.
Surya Vs Surya has a novel story idea and a committed team to implement it. Plus points of the movie are novel story idea, Nikhil’s performance, cinematography and music. A fast-paced narration with attention-catching screenplay would have taken this movie to a different level. Despite of few glitches, Surya Vs Surya will end up as a good attempt! But we need more for such a classy film to work with wider audiences.
Overall, the film is well made with good production values. However, the slow pace and the weak screenplay might go against the movie. We need to wait and watch for audience response in coming days
Spinning a love story around a character suffering from a genetic disorder is a good idea, something that may tempt even a great writer in any period or culture. However, reducing such an idea to a communicational challenge is ridiculous. All the lectures are directed at the poor Surya, who has to struggle with his disorder. Whereas it is the girl who actually deserves a lesson or two. Maybe the girl's mom would have understood the need to chide her daughter, but she is too dead to rise to the occasion (on a lighter vein), leaving our one and only good lover to talk to her graveyard and place goggles as a mark of a forgettable one-sided conversation.
Many films are being made with adult content to attract youth. “Surya Vs Surya” can be watched along with all the family members, which is rare in Telugu films now a days. However, the film is a sort of an experimental movie in Tollywood. Special mention has to be given to the director Karthik Gattamaneni who has chosen this sort of a subject for his directorial debut, but failed to get the desired results. On the whole, its a unique concept, A one time watch.
The major plus of Surya Vs Surya is its novel concept. However the concept itself became a drawback in the second half of the film which bores the audience to some extent. It is an average fare which will go well with the intended Multiplex audience. We will have to see how it ends!