Sagaptham (2015)

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Average Critic Rating: (2.00)
Cast: Neha Hinge , Shanmuga Pandian
Director: Santhosh Kumar Rajan
Release Date: 27 Mar 2015

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Overall, Sagaptham is a tried and tested masala film that is hampered by its leisurely screenplay and the inept handling of the technicalities
Only Kollywood, Only Kollywood
If this is the kind of launch a star kid gets, I guess it is probably better to struggle in Kollywood for decades even if it only means doing a scene or two.
Vishal Menon, The Hindu
Director Surendran’s Sagaptham is a slow paced, tiresome action drama that attempts to portray the hardships of the desperate unemployed people, who go abroad in search of jobs
S Saraswathi, REDIFF