Sankranthi (2005)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Drama
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Average Critic Rating: (3.38)
Release Date: 01 Jan 2005

Plot: Raghavendra (Venkatesh), Vishnu (Srikanth), Chinna (Siva Balaji) and Vamsi (Sharwanand) are brothers. Raghavendra and Padma (Arti Agarwal) fall in love and they are relatives as well. They get engaged with the consent of their parents. But Raghavendra's family loses everything they have due to certain incidents. Padma's parents reject Raghavendra Read more

Sankranthi - All Reviews

First half of the film _x000D_ is good and it establishes and defines each and every _x000D_ character. Second half is more effective because the _x000D_ director could really bring heavy emotions out and end _x000D_ the film smoothly. All the scenes involving Venkatesh _x000D_ and Srikanth in the same frame are great. Positive points _x000D_ of the film are great characterizations, neat performances, _x000D_ well-handling of emotions. On the flip side there is _x000D_ less quotient of comedy. Music is average. I recommend _x000D_ this film to everybody. Everybody should watch this _x000D_ film along with their family members to realize what _x000D_ they really miss in real life. This film also reminds _x000D_ us how to behave with our family members and how to _x000D_ share love/affection.
Idle Brain
After playing a trigger-happy cop in Gharshana, Venkatesh impresses as a soft-spoken brother in his latest release Sankranthi, the Telugu remake of the Tamil film Anandam.
B Anuradha, Rediff