Satta (2003)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Drama

Satta - Movie Reviews

On the whole SATTA THE GAME OF POWER is a well-made film that will win praise
Bollywood Hungama
Everyone who cared for Hindi cinema's future wondered if Madhur Bhandarkar would be able to live up to the expectations he created in Chandni Bar. Satta has answered that with a resounding "yes".
Now Running
Minutes into Madhur Bhandarkar´s second feature, you realize you are about to witness an example of the brand of distinctive and inspired cinema that is seldom seen on today‚Äôs quality-parched Hindi film landscape.
Planet Bollywood
Anuradha is shown to be street-smart and yet, she asks naïve questions like what under-world dons and businessmen are doing in a party thrown by politicians! Her assumption that her political mentor was principled appears too ridiculous to be true!
First half of the film is boring. Second half is better. _x000D_ 'Satta' is a below-average action oriented mass film. _x000D_ The penetration of TV into lower class has made watching _x000D_ idiot box a better alternative. And masses demand something _x000D_ exciting when they watch a film. And Satta joins the _x000D_ plethora of films, which does not provide any thing _x000D_ new/exciting stuff to the masses.
Idle Brain
It also faces tough competition from other two releases of this week
Smash Hits
This again will nor go well with an orthodox audience.
It must be difficult for a director to live up to the hype built around him, especially if his last film has been commercially and critically acclaimed.