Satya 2 (2013)

Hindi 2 hrs 32 mins Action, Thriller

Plot: The plot Satya is narrated by a voice ( Makrand Deshpande ) about the underworld that has been slowed down from the last decade in Mumbai. It narrates all about the discrimination in the society,in the system and all above.The narrator says that 'Underworld anywhere in the cannot be totally... Read more

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Cast:Puneet Singh Ratn, Anaika Soti, Aradhna GuptaDirector:Ram Gopal VarmaCinema has the power to shock you, but Ram Gopal Varma takes that quite literally in 'Satya 2'. In one particularly gruesome scene, a burkha-clad woman wielding an electric drill di
A new don is born and he vows to reinvent the bloody ‘Bang-Bang’ business of the underworld.
Times of India
Rajeev Masand
Watching Satya 2 is like being bludgeoned. I say, stay at home and revisit the original.
Hindustan Times 
You could skip it!
Koi Moi
A criminal waste of time
Most of us remember Satya (1998) fondly.
Before we start our detailed analysis about this week's released film, Lets take a quick trip back down to memory lane in 1998 when our Indian cinema witnessed a classic film in form of 'Satya'. 'Satya' was not only a path breaker in terms of cinema makin
Movie Zadda
This time RGV has massacred his own best film Satya with a horrendous sequel in the form of Satya 2.
Where Ram Gopal Varma has gonethe guy who had a sense of plot development
Indian Express
Satya defined a Bollywood genre and earned instant cult following. Fifteen years on, Satya 2 defies all logic.
Watching Satya 2 is like being bludgeoned. It’s morally specious and unintentionally comical. While the men kill and glower, the women serve tea and flash skin. I say, stay at home and revisit the original, writes Anupama Chopra.
SATYA-2 may not be RGV's best but there's no denying that it has the right elements that make a...
Bollywood Hungama
Ram Gopal Verma has long since been experimenting with middlebudget movies( Not a love story, Phoonk, Raktacharitra etc) and this time round he does one better(in a sense) by taking in an entire cast of unknowns and framing an underworld story around them.
India Glitz
RGV™s version of Businessman is just an ordinary film and even ardent Ram Gopal Varma fans may feel a great sense of disappointment after seeing this film
AP Herald
Sadly, today he is not even a shadow of the director he used to be.
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'Satya 2' is a disappointment and is no where close to the iconic Satya
123 Telugu
The sequence where Satya is shot at in an open cafeteria is specially brilliant in the way the editor cuts to the chase without getting out of breath
Smash Hits
There are so many questions or doubts without suitable answers If you feel what ever is shown is OK, then u may proceed
Telugu Mirchi
Spot the difference. It`s the same in all apparent details. Mumbai`s underworld caught in a compromising position by Ram Gopal Varma (RGV)`s camera prying into the mutilated lives of characters looking so scruffy and aggressive, you wish they would leave
Zee News
Satya 2 may not be appealing if looked at from the1998 Satya point of view, but it does well for itself as a film. RGV left his end with a hint of a Satya 3, however time will tell if that is going to make its way or not!
Bolly Spice
The film is shot in Hindi with only Sharwanand's part shot separately, therefore all the characters, speak in Hindi making 'Satya 2' further proof that in his attempt to be different, RGV is doing the same things over and over again
Hyderabad Guide
Satya 2 didn't need to be called Satya 2
Mumbai Mirror
'Satya 2' is a decent crime thriller, but it fails to match with its prequel
Oneindia Entertainment
…‘Satya 2’ is basically about a man who wants to reinvent the Company or the Mumbai underworld as it is widely known. The film is most definitely not a sequel to ‘Satya’.The film is nothing great at a
Bollywood Mixer
It underlines the lowest phase of a filmmaker who, it once seemed, would reinvent Hindi mainstream for good.
India Today
Satya 2' is one of the better films to come out of Varmaâ's stable in recent times but that isnâ't saying much. So skip this and watch the original Satya
India Glitz
Siva 2-006, now it’s Satya 2-103!!
Great Andhra
The movie was released on 8th NovemberRam Gopal Varma has directed the filmThe lead casts of the movie are Puneet Singh Ratn, Anaika Soti and Aradhna Gupta. Before the release of movie, Ram Gopal had said about the story of the movie, “All this was in the
Bollywood Mantra
Featuring Puneet Singh Ratn, Anaika Soti and Mahesh Thakur in the leads, Satya 2 was said to be exploring a new kind of underworld which Varma believes can spring up anytime. But, did the film really succeed to explore any such kind of future underworld?
Random acts, Ram Gopal Varma style!
Bollywood Life
Satya 2 is sheer torture!
Komals Reviews
On the whole, Satya 2 is not at all a worthy sequel to Satya. At the box-office, it will fail to perform. It has taken a dull start and there are very bleak chances of box-office collections picking up anywhere.
Komals Reviews
Satya 2 is not a worthy successor of its predecessor. One of the worst works of Ram Gopal Varma.
Now Running
सत्या-2 पॉलटिकल थ्रिलर और अंडरवर्ल्ड पर फिल्में बनाने के मशहूर राम गोपाल वर्मा इसी जॉनर की एक और फ़िल्म 'सत्या 2' लेकर आए हैं. फ़िल्म में खास बात ये है कि रामू ने इस बार सारे नए चेहरों को मौका दिया है....
It is hard to believe that RGV chose to make a sequel to his most iconic creation as both the films, Satya and Satya 2 have nothing in common, writes Paloma Sharma.
Reviewed by Rag Mayur
Catching the earliest show in a near-vacant auditorium, in which I was the only woman, I can vouch that nobody was a wee bit enthralled.
India Today
To expect Ram Gopal Varma’s “Satya 2” to be even half as good as the original is unfair, given the filmmaker’s recent work, but even Varma’s staunchest supporters would find it difficult to defend his latest atrocity of a film.
Reuters India
Intense and different, can be watched once
Bharat Student
Overall Satya 2 is a decent crime thriller Satya 2 Movie Review was last modified: March 24th, 2014 by Raghu
I Luv Cinema
Satya 2 is a disappointment and it is not a worthy sequel to the iconic ‘Satya’. RGV shows us what he is capable of, for about 20 minutes before the interval. With those scenes, one gets the feeling that he is back on track, before everything goes for a t
Bollywood 3
All that can be said is that keep Satya and Satya 2 adjacent and you will find perhaps one of the most incomprehensible gaps in the excellence of a film and its sequel