Sehar (2005)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Action, Drama, Crime

Plot: The movie starts with a TV crew interviewing Prof. Tiwari ( Pankaj Kapur ) about the events that had occurred in reference to the movie shootouts and eradication of organized crime in Lucknow and surrounding areas. Since a young age, Ajay Kumar ( Arshad Warsi ) has been traumatized by... Read more

Sehar - Movie Reviews

Depicting realism on the big screen is an effort that needs to be lauded, but getting too technical about it and using jargon/lingo that is difficult to comprehend by the commoner can boomerang.
EHAR is a dull and dry subject that will appeal to a very thin segment of moviegoers
Bollywood Hungama
This is what exactly debutant director Kabeer Kaushik does when he begins narrating 'Sehar'. He takes you about a decade back in time when the state of UP was beginning to get engulfed in the ugly world of organized crime". A kind of crime when power was not meant to be distributed. Instead it was meant to be 'varjasv' which means total power. The power that cannot be taken or given. It can only be 'earned'."
India Glitz
Seher talks of the origin of organised crime in North India and the measures taken to bring it under control.
‘This is just another mafia/cop film’ I hear you say after seeing the title “Sehar”. The story is not novel but it touches on subjects that many other similarly themed films fail to explore. For starters, Kabeer Kaushik’s maiden script-direction venture i
Planet Bollywood
With the word of mouth publicity, it will certainly prove to be 'Page 3' of this second half of the year
Smash Hits