Shorgul (2016)

Hindi 2 hrs 12 mins Drama, Thriller
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Total Reviews: 14
Sahi: 1 Nahi: 13

Review Summary: Semi talented cast can't save the disastrous 'Shorgul'. Better stay home from this Shorgul

Average Critic Rating: (1.68)
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Plot: The film is based on the innocent friendship between a Hindu boy Raghu ( Anirudh Dave) and a Muslim girl Zainab (Suha Gezen) rapidly escalates into a political minefield, causing unrest and chaos in Uttar Pradesh.The film is set against the backdrop of the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots. It attempts to... Read more

Shorgul - Movie Reviews

Disappoints on more counts than one
Give this frivolous fare a miss
The Times of India
Dismal writing and direction
Shorgul is reduced to a clich©d melodrama with its bloody clashes between the sword-wielding '€˜Musalmaans'€™ and '€˜trishul-dhaari'€™ Hindus
Indian Express
Explosive theme, damp-squib filmmaking: that, in a nutshell, is the story of Shorgul.
The movie fails to make you develop an emotional connect with the central characters
Director duo P Singh and Jitendra Tiwari’s “Shorgul” (cacophony) is a supposed exploration of the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots and the reasons behind it
Jimmy Sheirgill and Hiten Tejwani’s political drama is a lesson in bad filmmaking!
t we suffering enough by the heinous acts of some of our politicians that this botched up misfire inspired by events happened in UP (Uttar Pradesh) by first time helmer Jitendra Tiwari was needed to be bombarded on our senses?
Glam Sham
The movie is a disappointment
Hindustan Times
Shorgul had the potential to be a great movie but it's a strictly one-time watch
Do you have nothing better to do than watch a story about a small town burning and killing and raping people over religion? Can you be so bored that you could watch cliches in character and dialog? Then this movie might satisfy you and give you the despair you are craving for.
पॉलिटिक्स और लव स्टोरी की खिचड़ी है 'शोरगुल'
‘Shorgul’ may be lengthy and chaotic, but its core intention is well meaning and may be watched for what it tries to convey in the existing scenario of communal hatred and intolerance, besides the brilliant performances by Jimmy Shergill and Ashutosh Rana.