Shorts (2013)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Short
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Review Summary: Compilation of five short films helmed by five different directors

Average Critic Rating: (3.00)
Cast: Nawazuddin Siddiqui , Huma Qureshi , Richa Chadda , Vineet Singh , Satya Anand , Shweta Tripathi , Aditya Kumar , Ratnabali Bhattacharjee , Preeti Singh , Sankar Debnath , Kanchan Mullick , Arjun Srivastav
Director: Shlok Sharma
Release Date: 12 Jul 2013
Est. Box Office Collection: 0.0 CR

Plot: Shorts is a 2013 Hindi Drama film which is a compilation of five short films. It is directed by Neeraj Ghaywan, Vasan Bala, Anubhuti Kashyap ( Anurag Kashyap 's sister ), Shlok Sharma and Gitanjali Rao. The five short films are titled 'Sujata', 'Mehfuz', 'Audacity', 'Epilogue', and 'Shor' and was Read more

Shorts - Top Reviews

It takes some getting used to - watching short films.
Sonia Chopra, SIFY
Compilation of five short films helmed by five different directors
Madhureeta Mukherjee, Times of India
Shubhra Gupta, Indian Express
The anthology 'Shorts' - a collection of five short films- is an interesting mix. It is a unique experiment, which deserves an applause

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Shorts - All Reviews

Overall, Shorts is a movie that demands you to pay attention to intense stories> It is not a film where you can just leave your brains at home. Lack of commercial elements might draw very less viewers to watch it. The movie is all about direction and per
Neha Prashar Gupta, Bollywood 3
Shorts may certainly not be a film for the commoners but even for cine-buffs the film has its minor highs and major lows.
Mansha Rastogi, Now Running
The corporate's entrance into the movie producing arena ensured well packaged movies, but this one is a bouquet of well intentioned movies.
Abhishek Bhardwaj, Rate Movies Here
Prominently striking the point this one (co-produced by Anurag Kashyap) is for lovers of pure parallel cinema. 'Shor' (Neeraj) and 'Mehfuz' (Rohit) stand out in this totality. In the first story, Lallan (Vineet) and Meena (Ratnabali), are a couple living in self- indulgently in utterly hopeless poverty in Mumbai. On one side she tailors clothes for survival while her husband who is joblessness results being an ignoble, mistrustful husband. Pertaining to only when the death-knells toll, they rediscover their long-lost feelings. The film is intensely sensible at the same time sensitive with feeling having fantabulous performances. 'Mehfuz' moves on around the passage of death. The lead character Nawazuddin is an unattended soul dealing only with corpses while his clients noticeably send him bodies to burn and bury. Until one night a woman walks in to his life, bringing a sudden shade of expectancy in his dark existence. Nawazuddin seems brilliant in this sheer intensely surprising role making it a worth enough to be watched.'Sujata' (Shlok), tells a story of a young girl (Huma) who has been harassed both sexually and mentally by her bad beyond correction cousin brother Aditya since childhood. Every time she escapes his snatches he hunts her back. Conclusively, subsequent to years of experienced rage as well strong dislike, she takes a decision to obey bloody punishment. Huma does a splendid job at expressing the distress and torture of her character
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh