Singam II (2013)

Tamil 2 hrs 47 mins Action
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Average Critic Rating: (2.84)
Cast: Anushka Shetty , Hansika Motwani , Suriya Sivakumar
Director: Hari Gopalakrishnan Nadar
Release Date: 05 Jul 2013

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Singam has shown the power of Police in an effective way. Though action scenes are excellent, Hari mark narration and twists are missing. As a result, Singam limits itself to mass audience.
Singam which is a sequel to Yamudu film has a racy screenplay to start with. The links between the ending of Yamudu and beginning of Singam are well established. There is direct conflict point between two eaqually powerful performers in Yamudu. On a whole, Singam is a film that is aimed at masses who lapped Yamudu.
Singam is typical police drama. It is Surya's show all the way with an overdose of action and noise. Lengthy second half, wafer thin storyline and lack of emotional drama are its major drawbacks. Despite this, Surya makes the movie watchable. Go for Surya!
Hari has shown his maturity in this aspect. He has decided to impress mass audience with Singam and crafted it like a pucca mass action flick. Let’s see what efforts Surya and Hari have made in this Yamudu sequel to impress masses. Let’s find out whether Singam will impress the masses.
Suriya-Hari is back with a bang, bang! Singam 2 is a paisaa vasool potpourri!
Ambili S, Galatta
Director Hari came with carbon copy of original and doubled the mass ingredients. Anjali's special song, Singam dance are some examples. The film's storyline is routine and viewers patience will get tested at times. Film lacks romance and comedy which is the main drawback.
Story begins exactly where the first part ends when Narasimham (Surya) is given a special duty by Home Minister (Vijay Kumar). This time, the Indian Police Officer is allocated the responsibility to wipe off Arms and Drugs Smuggling Mafia in and around Vizag and Kakinada ports. Overall Surya's Singam is completely an action entertainer worth to watch for a single time
The movie is a typical romantic action thriller with plenty of comedy. Suriya as the fit cop does his part well throughout the 2 hours and 45 minutes film. Songs have average music by Devi Sri Prasad, but the dance moves have excited audiences. The action scenes in the second half are the highlight of the film.
Watch it for Surya otherwise an average entertainer
Fast paced and high energetic film, Yamudu 2 (Singam) is big feast to everyone, go and watch the movie and keep watching for movie updates and film reviews to get full time pass.
Singam is a non-stop action-entertainer with intense performance of Surya. On flip side, it is loud with heavy dialogues and fights which are excessive in amount. The film with go well with masses, rather than Multiplex crowd.
Suriya with his electrifying performance makes the otherwise average entertainer engaging…
The story Singham II is completely an action entertainer. A bit comedy has done in the first half by Santhanam. The lead heroin of the movie doesn't have much character in the movie. She will be seen once in a blue moon. Most of the part was with hansika, who is a student in the college where Narasimha works as NCC teacher.
The earlier version of the film is good with lots of mind games and one-up-manship by the hero and villain made the film enjoyable. But the sequel missed such mind games and it always appears only on one side and though there are three villains in the film, no one could beat the hero and not even attempt for it. Watch the film for Surya's performance.
Director Hari known for his fast paced commercial cinema is back once again with the sequel to Yamudu. As expected the screenplay has his mark that tries to give logic to the over the top proceedings happening at a frenetic pace. Only this time it fails to get that emotional connect which the director somehow manages even in such a fast paced narrative
It is a racy 2hour 45mins. First half is pictured with full commercial values. There are full of action, comedy and romance which keeps the audience interesting and entertaining. Second half is filled with an interesting action plot and success of movie depends on the second half.
Like in the first film, Singam (Yamudu 2) is a thorough masala entertainer which has loads of action and some romance, with two leading ladies. But one is bound to make comparisons with the first outing as Prakash Raj played a powerful opponent to Surya and their interaction was worth a watch. This time around, the villains dole out the usual share of threats
'Singam' is an intense and loud cop drama. Suriya has delivered a superb performance and there are some very good moments in the film. However, the very long runtime of the movie, a story that is superficial and too many fights bring down the overall viewing experience a bit. You may give this film a shot, but don’t go in with high expectations.
Its a visual treat and a lot of hard work has gone into making it a mass masala potboiler
Shekhar, Oneindia Entertainment
The Hari-Suriya combination seemed to have worked its magic once again. The screen presence and charisma of Suriya coupled with brilliance of Hari’s screenplay and direction makes Singam 2 a joyful experience.
Rediff Movies
'Singam-2' is pure noise, strictly for Suriya fans only.
Moviebuzz, Sify
Singam can be watched for Suriya's powerful action and power packed performance. But you need to avoid some draggy scenes towards climax.
Overall Surya's Singam is completely an action entertainer worth to watch for a single time
One thing is clear it’s an out and out Suriya’s film which is made only for him keeping him in mind from starting to end. What surprises many is even in Anjali’s item song Suriya dominates her in screen time. But we should accept that director Hari has presented Suriya in a very powerful role and best performance oriented role till date in Singam.
Hari's Singam 2 stoops to ridiculous lows to entertain the masses
J Hurtado, Twitch Film
A straight forward, nothing fancy, DSP album
Behindwoods Review Board, Behind Woods
Devi Sri Prasad-Hari combination try to repeat the same magic of Singam in their music
Prakash Upadhyaya, The Times of India
From the opening scene, the director doesn’t waste any time and gets to the point and how he connects the dots forms the essence. The interval bang was good and the second half was more energetic. Overall, this is a film which is a perfect commercial potboiler and will appeal to the mainstream audience strongly. At the box office, success is very high chances.
Singham is yet another regular commercial mass masala which purely runs on the mass ingredients and racy narration. And if you are that kind of audience, give it a try!
Suriya’s “Yamudu 2” is definitely a worthy watch on this weekend. There are no loop holes in the movie.
As anticipated, Yamudu 2 is a complete Suriya film. You will be struck and mesmerised by only one factor – Suriya. He delivers more than what one expects in the sequel, with an impressive makeover and fine punchy dialogues that make the fans whistle to the loudest. His surprise ‘Singam’ dance with Anushka simply enchants the viewers. Hansika plays a cute petite girl
Director Hari started form where he left in Singam. He loaded entire story with full of mass and commercial elements. Though the story is routine with no real twists, director's screenplay evoked interest in viewers. However He forgot to add entertainment elements in trying to elevate the heroism of Surya. One get a feeling that the embryos film is dragged.
An album strictly for the masses targeting the masala aspect
IndiaGlitz, IndiaGlitz
Watch the film for Suriya’s performance and action scenes
Singam roars? Not much. Bores? Pretty much
If the director had removed dozn odd scenes, underlined important scenes, took the necessary time for build-ups and punctuated the transitions, singam-2 would have been as good as the first part.
Like the first part, major element which drives this sequel happens to be the gripping screen play and extra ordinary direction added with mind blowing stunts. Suriya is a Nuclear Bomb Artist who explodes with energy and whoever comes on way, either heroines or villains, they will be blown away. Hats off to Hari as he showed the brilliance in screenplay