Sixteen (2013)

Hindi 2 hrs 18 mins Romance
47 %
Total Reviews: 13
Sahi: 6 Nahi: 7

Review Summary: but stays fresh and honest for the most part

Average Critic Rating: (2.63)
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Est. Box Office Collection: 1.5 CR

Sixteen - Movie Reviews

Simple but never simple-minded, this is a must watch.
Indian Express
SIXTEEN is well-intentioned and tackles relevant issues although the second half...
Bollywood Hungama
The first thought that ran through this writer's head was the film's good, but could have been so much better.
If you are appalled by the behaviour and how 'advanced the kids are these days' Sixteen is for you.
Times of India
Sixteen is the rare multi-track Bollywood film - this time with the accounts of four 16-year-olds (three girls and a boy) who have their individual issues to contend with even though they're best friends
Mumbai Mirror
Overall, ‘Sixteen’ is a film that deals with genuine social issues of teenagers of this generation but the lack of proper execution and weak performances go against the film completely. You may easily skip this one this weekend.
Bollywood 3
‘Sixteen’ is a good coming-of-age cinema, which deserves a one–time watch especially for the parents of the GenX, to get a sense of reality, and a right approach to guide their loved ones
An average teena loses his or her innocence quite early these days, due to influences in the form of digital technology like Facebook, Twitter and popular chat messaging outlets like Watsapp and Gtalk.
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However, there is nothing novel that the film tries to portray, same ‘ol teen troubles
For an industry that lacks genuine children's films, this effort is quite an attempt at coming up with a teen-oriented film. Despite its hapless editing and a circus of miscasts, the admirable part is it doesn't thrust an all-weather remedy to handling ho
Although there was not much expectations, but the interesting concept and controversial promos do manage to grab some attention. Let us see how well the makers have projected the concept in front of the mango people, especially among teenagers.StoryBased
Movie Zadda
It deals with the pains of growing up, and adjusting to society while your hormones rage all over the place.
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