Solo (2011)

Telugu Drama
Critics Score
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Average Critic Rating: (2.95)
Cast: Nara Rohith , Nisha Agarwal
Director: Parasuram
Release Date: 25 Nov 2011

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Looks like this is the season of directors/writers pushing the envelope.  Only two weeks back, we were treated to a refreshing tale of friendship from the eyes of a guy and his childhood friend, a girl, in the form of Oh My Friend.  This week, Solo explores new ground in terms of responsibly delineating the psyche and emotions of a heartbroken lover, who will not abandon his convictions come what may.  Just as OMF, this film too scores because of its honesty and vivid emotions.  To sketch Solo, one may say that it is the story of a youngster who wants love to come as a family package in his life.
India Glitz
Emotional and Touching!!!
Verdict: Debatable concept but commendable delivery
Great Andhra
First half is fun and good. Second half has emotions. The director Parasuram has succeeded in setting up the stage right by the interval. The screenplay in second half is little predictable though the emotions in the climax episode are genuine. The plus points are story orientation and dialogues by Parasuram. On the flip side, a swift and unpredictable second half would have made this movie a special one. On a whole, Solo is a genuine attempt by the director and makes a decent watch if you ignore the lag in second half.
Idle Brain
The film has many unanswered questions. Why should the hero strive to love and marry the girl from a huge family? Why he has no other aim? Why does a girl’s family would allow any guy or for that matter the Girl’s boy friend, to physically stay at their home and to win their agreement for marriage? The movie focuses majorly on establishing the hero’s role and to win audience sympathy on him. Certain characterizations did not have much of a role to play in the film. Most of the film was much predictable. Only the timing in the sequences and the performances of the artists would make to subject and the film lively
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh