Sonata (2017)

Hindi 1 hrs 44 mins Drama
50 %
Total Reviews: 6
Sahi: 3 Nahi: 3

Review Summary: Sonata has powerful actors doing slightly overbaked things. A watchable talkie

Average Critic Rating: (2.50)
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Plot: Three intelligent, self-sufficient women debate companionship, compromises and compassion over wine, cheese and (sour) grapes.... Read more

Sonata - Movie Reviews

Shabana Azmi can sing and it’s the only takeaway from Sonata
Indian Express
A perfect treat for those who see more value in little insights and sleights than in big-bang drama._x000D_   0Sharesonatasonata aparna sensonata movie reviewshabana azmi sonata
A play pretending to be a film
The Hindu
Aparna Sen’s tribute to female bonding is flat despite strong performances
Aparna Sen's Film With Shabana, Lillete Perfectly Captures The Essence of Female Bonding
News 18
However, it is rare for unapologetic narratives about older single women (who "aren't even feminists!") to find their way to the screen. This is the kind of movie that you need to sip and savour. It won’t go well with popcorn and soda, but it’s worth a visit to the theatre anyway.
Times of India