Soorma (2018) (2018)

Hindi 2 hrs 11 mins Drama, Biography
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Total Reviews: 11
Sahi: 9 Nahi: 2

Review Summary: Diljit Dosanjh is inspiring in 'Soorma'. A great story that needed to be told.

Average Critic Rating: (3.09)
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Est. Budget: 25.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 29.0 CR

Plot: Soorma tells the story of the international hockey player Sandeep Singh, played by Diljit Dosanjh, who was paralyzed and wheelchair-bound for two years after an accidental gunshot injured him in 2006. The film’s tagline is “The Greatest Comeback Story of the Hockey Legend Sandeep Singh”. Fighting against all odds, Sandeep... Read more

Soorma (2018) - Movie Reviews

Diljit Dosanjh's striking self-possession, like the champion he's portraying, doesn't let it come in the way of a performance that screams g-o-a-l
Diljit Dosanjh Makes The Best Of A Bad Deal
Sandeep Singh struggles to get himself a place in the Indian team, and just when he's making a name for himself as an International hockey player, a gunshot paralyses him. His rehabilitation comprises hard work and comes back to the field and becomes a huge star. The biopic is delicious in the first half, but the predictability of the second half brings it down.
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संघर्ष को बखूबी दिखाती है फिल्म, दिलजीत की दमदार एक्टिंग
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Diljit Dosanjh Shines But It's The Narration To Be Blamed!
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Diljit hits a goal in film on hockey star
The Hindu
This is a film that has its heart in the right place, with a story that deserves to be told.
The rise, fall & rise of Flicker Singh
Glam Sham
Diljit Dosanjh Makes Sandeep Singh's Biopic Watchable
News 18
खत्म हो चुकी उम्मीदों के जिंदा होने की कहानी है सूरमा, आखिरी मिनट तक कायम रहता है रोमांच
Diljit Dosanjh Flicks Right Through Your Heart, Shaad Ali Breaks It!
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