Spark (2014)

Hindi Drama, Romance
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Review Summary: Spark fails to ignire any sparks! Avoid!

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Plot: Spark is an upcoming Bollywood action film. The story is about a local Indian lad Arjun ( Rajneesh Duggal ) who falls in love with Anupama ( Shubhashree Ganguly ) while he is studying in Germany. They soon become passionate lovers willing to die for each other. But life takes... Read more

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The only thing that works is the father-son bond displayed. Overall, not many will have the patience to sit through this dreary tale. The title is misleading for sure.
Times of India
The India portion is filled with orphan-revenge cliches, menacing sighs that double up as the background score, monopoly notes in suitcases and villains cackling with glee
Mumbai Mirror
There is one thing to put all ingredients in one movie and there is completely different thing to make a cocktail that you can't make out what does movie want  to say?
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Spark's title, like everything else about it, is random, rants Paloma Sharma.Once upon a time, in the fair land of Germany, there was a strapping young lad from India called Arjun (Rajneesh Duggal), who delivered boxes from a mini van, drank videsi daaru,
Rajneesh Duggal's Spark has no spark at all
India Today