Speedy Singhs (2011)

Hindi 1 hrs 35 mins Drama
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Review Summary: Cricket Hockey Football

Average Critic Rating: (2.35)
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Est. Box Office Collection: 3.8 CR

Plot: Breakaway, or Speedy Singhs (the Hindi version of the movie), is the story of Rajveer Singh (Vinay Virmani), a young and dedicated teenager who gave up college half-way through due to his lack of interest, one of the many conflicts between him and his father Darvesh. Rajveer and Darvesh had... Read more

Speedy Singhs - Movie Reviews

Cricket Hockey Football Boxing... now Ice Hockey! Sport-centric films are gradually finding their way on the Hindi screen. BREAKAWAY aka SPEEDY
Bollywood Hungama
Five minutes into Speedy Singhs and you know how exactly the film is going to map out.
Young Canadian-Indian Rajveer Singh (Vinay Virmani) doesn't want to end up in his family business as a truck driver. Instead he aspires to be a professional ice hockey player but is unable to do so due to the familiar problems of racism that the Indian co
Times of India
The title stands for the newly-formed Toronto ice-hockey team made up of local Sikhs.
Rajeev Masand
Cast:Vinay Virmani, Russell Peters, Rob LoweDirector:Robert Lieberman'Speedy Singhs' is a bargain basement version of Gurinder Chadha's 'Bend It Like Beckham', borrowing the exact same premise but leaving out the sharp wit of that cross-cultural comedy. N
Lead actor Vinay Virmani, likeable on the screen, turns in a competent performance, as do Kher and Lowe. American actress Camilla Belle, Canadian stand-up comedian Russell Peters and Indian-American actress Noureen DeWulf do their best within the limitati
If you have seen the promos, there are no surprises in the film's storyline. A Canadian citizen with Indian roots, the character played by Vinay Virmani wants to pursue his dream of being an ice hockey player. His dad (Anupam Kher) doesn't hate sports but feels ice hockey will take him nowhere. However with help from his uncle (Gurpreet Guggi), coach (Rob Lowe) and a bunch of large hearted Sikh friends, he manages to rise up the ladder. There are challenges in the form of racism from opponent teams and mischievous relatives (Russell Peters) but with his girlfriend (Camilla Belle) alongside, he manages to defeat all adversities.
India Glitz
All in all, the light moments are just not enough for Speedy Singhs to score a goal.
Bolly Spice
Director : Music : Lyrics : Starring :Robert Lieberman  Sandeep Chowta, Anjjan (Meet Bros), Harmeet (Meet Bros) and Manmeet (Meet Bros)  RDB, Ludacris, Rishi Rich, Veronica, Jassi Sidhu, Kale Wala Sangha, Ajay Virma, Kumaar and Palvinder Dhami  Vinay Virm
Glam Sham
But if you enjoy family dramas, with lots of laughs and tears go for this.
Speedy Singhs is a poor fare and will fail to make any mark at the box-office.
You could skip it!
Koi Moi
Speedy Singhs is a smart little surprise package. It's a cheerful film that makes you smile with its refined humour, its repartee-filled screenplay, its swiftness at handling the countless relationships and its finely-nuanced performances...
Speedy Singhs, with the global title Breakaway, is a Canadian/Punjabi comedy-drama movie directed by Robert Lieberman and co-produced by superstar Akshay Kumar. Earlier Akshay was featured in a movie, titled ‘Singh is King’, which had a typical hardcore P
Movie Zadda
As a whole, the movie is good for elite
Smash Hits
 Good thought, poor execution
Bharat Student
Despite the cliched plot and predictable storyline Speedy Singhs works for its humour and acting.
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