Style (2001)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Comedy, Musical
60 %
Total Reviews: 5
Sahi: 3 Nahi: 2

Review Summary: On the whole STYLE is just about an average fare. However it has some chances in Mumbai thanks...

Average Critic Rating: (2.40)
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Plot: The film revolves round two slap-happy college students, Bantu ( Sharman Joshi ) and Chantu ( Sahil Khan ), who stand out in the college for their expertise in ragging and playing pranks, and ability to outfox others. As their college life nears an end, the duo begin to realize that... Read more

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On the whole STYLE is just about an average fare. However it has some chances in Mumbai thanks...
Bollywood Hungama
Director N Chandra’s latest flick, Style should be shown to aspiring filmmakers to teach them what never to do while making movies.
First half of the film is very good. The tempo in second _x000D_ half goes down a bit, but the climax episode is good. _x000D_ Lawrence proves with this film that he is not a flash _x000D_ in the pan as a director. Style film is a one man show _x000D_ by Lawrence (direction, action and choreography) with _x000D_ amazing dances and some nice moments. It is nice to _x000D_ see the title cards in the film that are shot with the _x000D_ backdrop of disabled children dancing. But, Lawrence _x000D_ should have dealt the episode of dancing with bullets _x000D_ in knees more cautiously. On a whole, Style is definitely _x000D_ worth a watch and has all chances to become hit. It _x000D_ is up to the producer Lagadapati Sridhar to promote _x000D_ it to the full extent.
Idle Brain
With Parbhu Deva and Lawrence Raghavender around the leitmotif of dance writes itself on to the film. After all, the duo is the two best dancers in the country now. But there was certain apprehension that how can mere dance make for a good movie. Won't it become tedious with too much of a good thing?
India Glitz
After indulging a few hours of N. Chandra’s Style, you will realize a few things. One, N. Chandra without Anil Kapoor or Madhuri Dixit is apparently like fish without water. Secondly, N. Chandra is on the wrong boat, that too which is sinking fast. Style
Planet Bollywood