Sukumarudu (2013)

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First thing which kills you is 3 LONG HOURS run-time of Sukumarudu movie. Single factor which awaked interest over this flick is its Ashoks movie post Pilla Zamindar and what you get here is over dose uninteresting updated version of Pilla Zamindar. From starting titles to end cards there is no clarity in screenplay about what director is trying to tell through this movie.
Sukumarudu is a mismatch of influences.  If you have a taste for a storytelling style that has a place for madcap humour and a sentimentality that is devoid of run-of-the-mill melodrama, watch it with low expectations. Otherwise stay away, lest you might come out of the theatre making your mind to never read reviews!
India Glitz
Adi who played the title is an NRI and a shrewd and highly selfish and doesn’t care his village folk at all. Similarities with Greeku Veerudu released last week made it lose interest. But a property worth 150 crores of Rupees in the village which can be inherited by him attracted him and made him take sudden interest in the long forgotten relatives back home. As it has to be dealt with personally, he had to travel to the village and put an act to sentimentally pull his grandmother Sarada towards him. There is also a love track with Nisha Agrawal as a must in a movie make it interesting. How far Sukumarudu succeeds in his attempts to lay his hands on the property is the story that has to be seen on the screen for better enjoyment as it is a visual presentation
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
Screenplay of this movie is not well. it was routine and Regular story , There are gaping loopholes in the plot and many sequences have absolutely no logic. The movie is too long. A few minutes less than three hours, the duration becomes unbearable when practically no story to tell. The comedy tracks also failed.
The first half of the movie is good with some good comedy and the interval bag is interesting. The pace of the movie dipped significantly in the second half and it further dipped in the pre climax sequences. The climax is predictable as well. But the movie will go well with the masses given some worked out action sequences and hero elevation scenes. Finally, Thadaka is a decent hit this summer!
Director Ashok has come up with a routine story, it could have been quite different had the director incorporated gripping screenplay, instead it was terrible. Logic has gone for toss big time and the flow is inconsistent with few scenes appearing from nowhere. Routine story and poor executions makes Sukumarudu a painful watch!!!
Technically, the movie is not good. Screenplay is bad, script of the movie left many loopholes in the storyline. Cinematography is just OK. Direction is poor. Editing is forgotton. Loud music in the background to cover-up bad acting (or not acting) is not going to help.
Excluding a couple of scenes, rest of the film looked very pale. Each and every artist did their job but lack of punch in the comedy episodes and a routine story made the things go bad. Another annoying thing is the back ground music in the comedy episodes which makes the audience feel as an alarm that a funny scene was just completed
Sukumarudu may be a film that’s painfully long and poorly created. you’ll be able to safely avoid the film, unless you would like to expertise Sukumaramaina torture
Aadi's performance was good. He kept his father's name. He was good at his part. Nisha tried her level best. Sharada as always was amazing. She played her part very well and it was nice to see her onscreen after a long time.
At a few minutes less than 3 hours, the length becomes unbearable when there is basically no story to narrate.The comedy tracks fail to work as the writing is cliched and very poor. Despite the presence of so many talented comedy actors, the loud sequences end up irritating viewers.The romantic track between Aadi and Nisha Aggarwal is very superficial and incomplete. Their screen chemistry is not very good.The placement of songs is very poor and they act as major speed breakers.
A project of this scale demands at least two intervals and four climaxes. Director Ashok G is abundant in content and he is still left with one or other line to say before ‘The End’ titles roll on. Literally, he tested the patience and played with endurance of Telugu viewers. Never in recent time had we seen a film like ‘Sukumarudu’ which seems to have thrown Editor Praveen Pudi in bewilderment.
Direction of the movie is not up to the mark. Even Screenplay of the movie also horrible. Here director made an attempt of a mixture of subject matter in the entire movie. Sukumarudu is not the perfect film for this summer. Smoothly avoid this film.
Despite few moments of sheer entertainment, "Sukumarudu" reminds the audience of several films. Sharada makes a strong comeback, but for an actor of her calibre, the role of a grandmother with hardly any purpose is an insult to her years of experience.
Sukumarudu is a film that is painfully long and poorly made. You can safely avoid the film, unless you want to experience Sukumaramaina torture
Many get the feeling that one need not be making fool of themselves while maintaining a drama company. Lack of novelty in screen play and direction did not help the film cause. One gets a feeling that they are watching a total sentimental film one moment and suddenly mass entertainer the next moment. Slow pace of the film in the first half is the biggest drawback.
With the runtime of the film remained at almost around three hours, the audiences feel relaxed after coming out of theatres as they did not get the adequate entertainment in the movie. The audiences who enjoyed the earlier films of Aadi like ‘Lovely’ and ‘Prema Kavali’ could not relish his third movie due to the improper direction and screenplay of the director.
Watch if you are die-hard fans of Aadi. Or adventurous enough to test your patience to the point of breaking.
Direction of the movie is not up to the mark and Screenplay of the movie also terrible. Here director made an attempt of a mixture of subject matter in the entire movie. There is a sentiment of father and son, grandmother and grandson is only good.
The first half goes about with elements of romance, comedy, songs but the second half gets too sentimental and over melodramatic. Another drawback to the film is its big length. Overall, this is a film which would have worked if the length was trimmed and comedy was stronger.
Director wanted to present Sukumarudu as a comedy entertainer. In the process, instead of creating comedy he has just filled up screen with huge number of characters and confused audience. Also there is no proper continuity or flow in comedy.
Sukumarudu means sensitive failed in sensibility in making. Director of the film wanted to mix so many sentiments in the movie to allure audience but in the process seems got mixed up. To tell you in nutshell, you don’t miss any if you don’t see it.
I Luv Cinema
Director Ashok has come up with a routine story, it could have been quite different had the director incorporated gripping screenplay, instead it was terrible. Logic has gone for toss big time and the flow is inconsistent with few scenes appearing from nowhere.
Movies Kavala
Screenplay of this movie is terrible. There is no logical flow in the proceedings and the whole film has a very jerky feel to it. The director has attempted to tackle various themes in the film – father and son sentiment, grandmother and grandson sentiment, a clever NRI coming back to reform his village etc. The problem is, none of the themes have been tackled properly
The director of this movie has tested the patience and played with stamina of Telugu audience.Finally Sukumarudu is not worth watching @ all !!
The film is basically a fun film. There's something unique about most of the characters that are etched very well by the director. Aadi's got it in him to entertain you, so long as you do not increase your expectations from him - to do what the big heroes do. But yes, he's good in his dancing shoes but one would say that is mainly because of the music provided by Anup Reubens.
The Times Of India
Screenplay, Cinematography, Direction, Editing not good enough. The director and producers should have worked better on the script of the movie.The concept of having multiple comedians is cliched. They were successful in bringing out some laughs.
Screenplay of this movie is terrible. The film had many artists like MS Narayana, Raghu Babu, Dhanraj, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Thagubothu Ramesh but the comedy didn’t work much and they are wasted in poor roles. the romantic scenes between the leads never worked and misplaced songs irritate even more. The comedy tracks fail to work. There is excessive melodrama and needless over action in emotional scenes.
The cinematography is a weak point. The screenplay is average but the music is great. The movie could have been smoother with better editing. The story is strong but needed better handling by the director. Overall, it is an average movie with many flaws.
NDTV Movies
Sukumarudu is a painfull film, if you want to experiance the pain you may watch sukumarudu, Otherwise just avoid the movie.
He is not ‘Sukumarudu’, he is ‘Karkotakudu’
Great Andhra
Ashok supplied the film with his screenplay and direction. The film is a replica of Greeku Veerudu. There is no continuity in the storyline and suddenly he goes deep into sentiment and at other times too much into mass fights. Length of the film tests the patience of the viewers. There are many illogical scenes in the film.
Telugu Mirchi
This film proves that without a point if a flick is made even minutes will seem like ages. Even on fast forward mode this doesn’t work. In other aspects, the music is very average with stale songs. Cinematography was decent. Editing was absent.
Story is routine, Screenplay is atrocious, Narration is painfully slow, and direction is weak. All the factors test the patience of viewers.