Surkhaab (2015)

Hindi 1 hrs 40 mins Drama, Thriller, Adventure
Critics Score
Total Reviews: 4
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Review Summary: Not Enough Reviews!

Average Critic Rating: (2.13)
Cast: Barkha Madan , Sumit Suri
Director: Sanjay Talreja
Release Date: 22 May 2015

Surkhaab - All Reviews

Surkhaab is perhaps one of the finest examples of those small budget films which start with a good intention of dealing with a relevant issue, but then fall into the trap of making it ‘safe’ to ensure a box office hit.
Surkhaab lacks the strength to go all the way either to become a masala thriller or to blossom into an insightful take on the exploitation of immigrants
Paloma Sharma, REDIFF
It holds attention when it goes back and forth but this goose doesn’t really fly
Anuj Kumar, The Hindu
Surkhaab is imaginative and dark, highlighting the problems of globalization. Barkha Madan as Jeet is emblematic, as a woman who stands up against patriarchy and corruption.