Three - Love (2009)

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Review Summary: Lies BetrayalTHREE - LOVE

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Plot: The Jealous Lover On an ocean liner, a passenger recognizes famed ballet creator Charles Coudray ( James Mason ), and asks him politely why one of his works has never been performed since its debut. When Coudray remains silent, the fan leaves him alone with his thoughts, leading to a... Read more

Three - Love - Movie Reviews

It's like watching someone bake a classic chocolate cake.
The title doesn't do much for the film.
THREE - LOVE LIES BETRAYAL is a well-made thriller but it remains to be seen how it fares in the Ramzan period and also how it competes with...
Bollywood Hungama
Thrillers have been Vikram Bhatt's forte and Three -Love, Lies, Betrayal, scripted by Vikram Bhatt and directed by Vishal Pandya, takes the legacy forward.
A young couple lives in idyllic settings. But their lives are far from tranquil. And it only gets worse when a stranger moves in....
Times of India
In an industry relying on borrowed scripts and predictable outlines, sometimes we look for treatment to make all the difference.
Director : Music : Lyrics : Starring :Vishal Pandya  Chirantan Bhatt  Shakeel Azmi, Sagar S, Hamza Faruqui  Ashish Chowdhry, Nausheen Ali Sardar, Akshay KapoorThree - Love, Lies And Betrayal Movie Review September 4, 2009 11:36:31 AM ISTBy Martin D'Souza,
Glam Sham
er, the story begins with the violin teacher Anjani (nausheen) who earns her livelihood by teaching lessons and at the same time, she has her husband Rajiv (akshay) who is unemployed and is frustrated due to this. As a result, there is constant battle bet
Bharat Student
But the main concern is whether Three Love Lies Betrayal been able to reach up to that status of perfection or it is likely to throw awayLove, lies and betrayal are three common things in any thriller but the main point is how you will make the script unu
Bollywood Mantra
Three - Love Lies and Betrayal is one of the better movies this weekend.
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The Scottish locales shot with tender care by cinematographer Pravin Bhatt in "Three... are in one word breathtaking. In two words breathtaking and eloquent. And if you want a third word - ominous!
" is a praiseworthy score of the movie
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