Time Out (2015)

Hindi Drama
67 %
Total Reviews: 3
Sahi: 2 Nahi: 1

Review Summary: Not enough reviews!

Average Critic Rating: (2.67)
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Plot: A story of two brothers and their bond as they come to terms with their individual identities. The film is directed by Rikhil Bahadur and stars Chirag Malhotra, Pranay Pachauri in the lead.... Read more

Time Out - Movie Reviews

With bigger issues at hand, the film fails to do justice to them and hence is passable.
Koi Moi
Rikhil Bahadur’s film is a gem that you rarely get to see these days. It is a family film for all age groups, that tackles the sensitive issue of homosexuality with maturity. A film that you must take some time out" and watch with your family and friends."
टाइम आउट' डिफरेंट कॉन्सेप्ट है फिल्म की जान