Tumbbad (2018)

Hindi 1 hrs 44 mins Horror, Historical, Fantasy
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Total Reviews: 7
Sahi: 6 Nahi: 1

Review Summary: 'Tumbbad' is a must watch. A new take on the horror genre with some genuine scares

Average Critic Rating: (3.43)
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Est. Budget: 15.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 6.0 CR

Plot: Set in Tumbbad in the 1920s, the story revolves around the three generations of a family. The plot revolves around the consequences when a family builds a temple for the first-born of a goddess, named Hastar--he who must not be worshipped. Hastar is a terrible entity who can curse a... Read more

Tumbbad - Movie Reviews

In a village that seems to be doomed by the gods, there is one family that lives unafraid. A family that knows the secret hidden inside the womb of the goddess. The brilliant scary, horrifying film is based on a couple of stories written by Marathi writer Narayan Dharap who in turn was inspired by Stephen King. The writing is practically flawless, the music is haunting and the performances jaw-dropping good. Brilliant watch
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A psychological horror film with strong visuals and metaphors.
Times of India
Never Knew Fear Could Look So Beautiful!
Koi Moi
लालच, द्वेष और खजाने की खोज की डरावनी कहानी
The storytelling coupled with amazing cinematography which makes it a visual delight even though it’s a horror film. Sohum Shah’s acting is perfect for movie’s setup.
Box Office Capsule
What seemed missing in Tumbbad was that screwiness, that kinkiness, which shades so many of our best parables
दिलचस्प कहानी और डायरेक्शन की मिसाल है 'तुम्बाड'
Aaj Tak