Umar (2006)

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Review Summary: UMAR is made with noble intentions but the message does not come across firmly.

Average Critic Rating: (2.41)
Cast: Jimmy Sheirgill , Shenaz Treasuryvala , Kader Khan , Prem Chopra , Satish Kaushik , Dalip Tahil , Shakti Kapoor
Director: Karan Razdan
Release Date: 17 Mar 2006

Umar - Top Reviews

UMAR is made with noble intentions but the message does not come across firmly.
Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama

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Director : Music : Starring :Karan Razdans  Shameer Tandon  Jimmy Shergill, Shenaz Treasurywala, Prem Chopra, Satish Kaushik, Kader KhanBy Nidhi Pathak, Bollywood Trade News Network Karan Razdan's UMAR deals with a very sensitive issue concerning elderly
Nidhi Pathak, Glam Sham
Three old men, two of whom are uncared for by their sons while the third is deserted by Fate, are an inseparable and cute threesome to start with, but Umar, Karan Razdan's paen to the ageold theme of Age before Duty, has you following the plot interestedly till the interval. But immediately after the interval, the director inexplicably veers off to a casually commercial and extremely over-the-top and illogical treatment which has you cringing with acute discomfort. In places, he seems to believe his audience is devoid of not just taste but even commonsense.
India Glitz
It tries to impart to youngsters the importance of old people in our livesIt gives us an insight into how older people can contribute equally to our society, if given the opportunityIt tries to restore the glory and respect that these old people once hadN
Bollywood Mantra
Umar tells the story of three senior citizens (Prem Chopra, Satish Kaushik, and Kader Khan), who have been rather rudely ignored by their families (a la Baghban). Bound by a deep and sacrificial friendship, these three aging men meet Shashank (Jimmy Sherg
Aakash Gandhi, Planet Bollywood
It will be interesting to view how Karan Razdan's next 'Souten' fares at the box office as 'Umar' will prove to be an below average affair
Satyajit, Smash Hits
In conclusion, Umar is a terrible excuse for a film.
Priyanka Jain, Rediff