UnIndian (2016)

English, Hindi 1 hrs 42 mins Romance, Comedy
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Review Summary: It plays the tried and tested route, but still manages to charm, UnIndian is a great rom-com!

Average Critic Rating: (2.37)
Cast: Brett Lee , Tannishtha Chatterjee , Stephen Hunter , Pallavi Sharda , Sarah Roberts , Gulshan Grover , Andy Trieu , Supriya Pathak , Maha Wilson , Heather Maltman , Arka Das , Nicholas Brown , Akash Khurana
Director: Anupam Sharma
Release Date: 19 Aug 2016
Est. Budget: 1.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 1.0 CR

Plot: UNIndian is an upcoming Australian film starring former Australian cricketer, Brett Lee.[1] The film is set for release in 2015. Directed by Anupam Sharma and starring Tannishtha Chatterjee in the lead, the film was shot in Sydney Read more

UnIndian - Top Reviews

UnIndian...Brett Lee Just About Bowls A Maiden Over
Khalid Mohamed, Spot Boye
Cricketers have acted before, Ajay Jadeja, Vinod Kambli, Salil Ankola, Sandeep Patil, Syed Kirmani and even Salim Durani. The list is long but it’s rare to find a non-Indian name on that illustrious list. But that’s where Australian Bret Lee makes an exception and gives UnIndian its biggest USP. This is the Australian paceman's big movie debut. Sadly, apart from that little factoid, there’s nothing of any serious value about this Indo-Australian production.
Rachit Gupta, Filmfare
When a film is about Indians, could it be untouched by the conventions of a family drama as well? Meera and Will's growing proximity inevitably sets the cat among the pigeons.
You'll love this film if you have never heard NRI tales, never had relatives who live abroad complain about 'Indians', never visited a foreign country, stayed with relatives who behave at once Indian and at once 'foreign'. The story is as old as the hills, but Brett Lee (the cricketer!) really gives his all to the role and we believe him. More than all the established actors in the film.
Manisha Lakhne, Nowrunning

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UnIndian - All Reviews

This is not meant to be serious stuff. It’s a harmless, reasonably enjoyable outing if you’re not expecting too much from it!
Johnson Thomas, Mid-Day
टिपिकल फिल्मी ड्रामा है 'UnIndian'...
R J Alok, Aaj Tak
Brett Lee and Tannishtha Chatterjee’s cross-cultural romance makes for a feel-good date movie!
Sreeju Sudhakaran, Bollywood Life
UnIndian is worth a watch if you love feel-good romcoms
Namrata Thakker, REDIFF
Brett Lee makes a respectable, if slightly stiff, debut in this romcom
Udita Jhunjhunwala, First Post
UnIndian isn’t completely horrible. A few stereotypes aside it’s mostly inoffensive and occasionally sweet. This may be a huge case of damning with faint praise but UnIndian is at least better than Manny Lewis.
Nick Gardener, Southern FM
Tannishtha Chatterjee stands out opposite the former fast bowler in Anupam Sharma’s romcom, best when it taps the warm humour of Indian family values
The Guardian
Frothy and watchable
Probably the best thing I could say about the picture is that it is a pleasant enough distraction, if not all that memorable.
Alex First, The Blurb
Cricketer Brett Lee’s foray into acting sees him bowled out for a duck in movie unIndian
Leigh Paatsch, News.Com
Brett Lee is charming!
Tania Rana, Book My Show
Overall, “UnIndian” is a frothy film, worth a watch to encourage Brett Lee.
Bollywood 3
But it's an undemanding and sometimes charming example of the genre.
Peter Calder, NZ Herald
UnIndian’ is culture clash lite with a dash of froth
Nandini Ramnath, Scroll.In
Despite its short comings, UNindian is entertaining, even laugh-out-loud funny.
UNindian features all the enticing colours and rhythms of Bollywood but incorporates the relaxed humour of Australian culture. It's an exciting combination that mostly succeeds in a predicable though enjoyable manner.
Lai Films
And don’t miss the end credits as each member of the crew gets to dress up and have a bit of a Bollywood dance.