VIP 2 Lalkar (2017)

Tamil 2 hrs 13 mins Comedy, Drama
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Plot: The film opens with Raghuvaran (Dhanush) winning the Engineer of the Year Award working for Anitha Constructions and is an executive now with a parking spot. His wife Shalini (Amala Paul) becomes an authoritative, nagging wife who controls him. Raghuvaran is also dismissive about his wife getting a job. Vasundhara... Read more

VIP 2 Lalkar - Movie Reviews

What could have been a crafty take on power play and gender politics between architect and engineer dumbs down into a clichéd bickering of elite and everyman'
The movie has its moments but fails to hold your interest throughout. Thankfully, the charming performance by Dhanush makes up for all its flaws
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