Vaada Raha (2009)

Hindi 2 hrs 5 mins Drama, Drama
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Total Reviews: 10
Sahi: 1 Nahi: 9

Review Summary: VAADA RAHA stands on a faulty script. Besides the lack of hype will make the effort go unnoticed.

Average Critic Rating: (1.83)
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Plot: After receiving a generous grant from the American Medical Association Dr Duke Chawla who always gives hope to his patients, proposes to his sweetheart, Pooja Kangana Ranaut, and both arrange to get married soon. While returning home that night, he meets with an accident and wakes up in the East... Read more

Vaada Raha - Movie Reviews

He’s ten on ten everywhere - as the loving boyfriend who has recently proposed marriage or as the surgeon feted by the American Medical Association for his research on cancer.
Rajeev Masand
VAADA RAHA stands on a faulty script. Besides the lack of hype will make the effort go unnoticed.
Bollywood Hungama
Bobby Deol is a genius cancer specialist named Duke Chawla. That itself should give you some idea what Vada Raha has in store for you. I'm not sure where Duke lives-the action cuts from Grecian ruins to snazzy yachts in dazzling blue seas to a Sardar neig
The music department has a mixed fare; while some songs are hummable, others are just okay
Smash Hits
Vaada Raha promises nothing and delivers zilch. If you must watch this, DVD is the way to go.
Bolly Spice
It’s a simple story about three characters, Bobby Deol as Duke Chawla, Kangana Ranaut as Nalini and Dwij Yadav as RoshanIn spite of strong star casts, why Vaada Raha failed to impress the audience and could not drag them to the theatre is a important matt
Bollywood Mantra
the story begins with the perfect life of Duke Chawla (bobby) who is a successful doctor and a responsible man. He also has a girlfriend Nalini (kangana) and soon they decide to get married as well. However, fate strikes a cruel blow when Duke meets up wi
Bharat Student
Vaada Raha, inspired by a Russian fable, is about the bond between two patients - a grown up man and a kid, respectively. An interesting thought, nonetheless. But there''s a hitch. The writing isn''t too convincing and what actually dilutes the effort is
A successful doctor has everything going for him. Until a car crash paralyses him neck down...
Times of India