Varna (2013)

Telugu 2 hrs 40 mins Romance, Fantasy
Critics Score
Total Reviews: 12
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Average Critic Rating: (1.56)
Cast: Anushka Shetty , Arya
Director: K Selvaraghavan
Release Date: 22 Nov 2013

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Varna - All Reviews

RR didn’t relate to the story and situations On the whole, Varna is a disappointing effort without satisfying any class of audience
Telugu Mirchi
The disjointed way in which the scenes play out in this world at times makes one wonder if we are seeing the film version of a feverish dream Selvaraghavan might have had
M Suganth, The Times of India
India Glitz
All in all, this is one mess of a product but a good lesson to filmmakers on how not to make a film
Venkat, Great Andhra
Everything about the movie is slow, exaggerated and the characters are just puppets in the directors hands
Y Sunita Chowdhary, The Hindu
It comprises of two love stories in two different worlds enacted by the same pair. They are Madhu and Ramya in the world where we live and Mahendra and Varna in a fantasy world. Madhu was taken to the other world where he meets Mahendra and Varna. He of course comes back to his mother world but what he does in the two worlds is to be seen in the theater only although it is torturous
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
A good production house with deep pockets was taken for a ride by the director with a farcical script and atrocious screenplay
Mahesh S Koneru, 123 Telugu
For all those who are used to watching mythical wonders that leave you spellbound, 'Varna' could end up as a joke, at best
Common Man, AP Herald
I Luv Cinema
Reviewed by: Sriram Madhav
SriramMadhav, Chirtamala
Sri Raghava's storyline sounds stupid and so does the film
Editorial, Gulte
'Varna' has everything going in a right way, but the confusing story and dragging narration kills the interest of the viewers
Shekhar, Oneindia Entertainment