Vellakkara Durai (2014)

Tamil 2 hrs 17 mins Drama, Romantic Comedy
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'Vellaikaara Durai's story is let down by an aimless screenplay with tedious characters and average music
After 'Kumki', 'Arima Nambi', 'Ivan Vera Madhiri' and the likes, Vikram Prabhu has taken a break to breezy lighthearted entertainer 'Vellaikaara Durai'. Based in the country side, this film directed by Ezhil is a mix of comedy, a little bit of action and romance, and a whole lot of entertainment and fun. There is very little fight and sentiment to torment you emotion and face muscles, while the film is lighthearted breeze on the whole.
India Glitz
Imman delivers a mundane lack-luster OST
Only Kollywood
It ends up to be a totally dismal presentation that literally strangles the patience out of the audience
'Vellakkara Durai' is a loud-natured, crass comedy vehicle which has nothing new except few passable laughter moments
Only Kollywood
The plot as expected, is wafer-thin but this time, makes even less sense
The Times of India