Water (2007)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Musical, Drama, Romance
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Review Summary: WATER is Deepa Mehta's finest work to date and will win unprecedented critical acclaim in the Indian media.

Average Critic Rating: (3.42)
Cast: Seema Biswas , Lisa Ray , John Abraham , Sarala , Raghuveer Yadav , Kulbhushan Kharbanda , Vinay Pathak , Gerson Dacunha , Waheeda Rehman , Ronica Sajnani , Dr. Vidula Javalgekar , Manorama , Rishma Malik , Deepa Mehta
Director: Deepa Mehta
Release Date: 09 Mar 2007

Plot: The film is set in the year 1938, when India was still under British rule. Child marriage was common practice back then. Widows had a diminished position in society, and were expected to spend their lives in poverty and worship of God. Widow remarriages were legalized by the colonial laws, Read more

Water - Top Reviews

Water may have lost the Oscar to Germany's The Lives of Others in Best Foreign Film category.
Sukanya Verma, Rediff 
WATER is Deepa Mehta's finest work to date and will win unprecedented critical acclaim in the Indian media.
Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama

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The movie begins with six-year old Chuyia (Sarala) being sent to an ashram, a house for widows. After her the death of her husband whom she had never even met, innocent Chuyia is forced to give up her life as a child and forced to adhere to the traditiona
Salima, Bolly Spice
What do you say about a film that hits you hard where it hurts the most so hard that it takes your breath away.
Water, Now Running
Water is a powerful film.
Suparn Verma, Rediff 
Water is Deepa Mehta's third film in her trilogy consisting of Earth,Fire and Water and the film is based on the plight of widows in the 1930's.Deepa's film has witnessed many upheavels during its making,political and religious fundamentalists shut down h
Bollywood Mantra
A work of integrity and heart, here’s Mehta’s most satisfying work yet..for which you’re even willing to forgive her the horrific Bollywood Hollywood (1999).Although Water is a bit of the bottled mineral variety, it quenches your thirst for top quality ci
Hindustan Times 
Among the five films released this Friday, only '1971' ranks close to 'Water'
Pankaj Shukla, Smash Hits
The fracas over the shooting of Deepa Mehta’s Water in India became the selling point of the film, rather than the story or its intended humanism.
Deepa Gahlot, SIFY
Ms. Mehta, please take a bow. You have consistently provided your audiences with cinema of the utmost quality, never once sacrificing your creative genius to appease the forces opposing your goals. Moreover, movies like Fire, 1947-Earth, Bollywood/Hollywo
Ron Ahluwalia, Planet Bollywood
By: Taran Adarsh, IndiaFMFriday, March 09, 2007 Deepa Mehta''s body of work includes several noteworthy films, notable among them being Earth and Fire. But she reaches the pinnacle with Water, her most accomplished work so far. Okay, Water didn''t really
Even though Deepa Mehta's WATER has been in news for over an year and has even made it to the Top5 of the OSCARS shortlist for the best foreign film, one is a trifle hesitant about what to expect from the film. After all, the film doesn't stand out like one of your commercial films that would make audience create a beeline in front of the theaters. Moreover a subject that may have caught on the in the West could mainly have been due to the fact it explores the dark side of India, a country that is still about snake charmers and elephants for many out there.
India Glitz