Well Done Abba (2010)

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Review Summary: WELL DONE ABBA! has some wonderful moments but they're few and far between.

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Plot: The film tells the story of Armaan Ali ( Boman Irani ), a Muslim driver working in Mumbai, who takes a one month leave from his employer to find a groom for his daughter Muskaan ( Minissha Lamba ), who lives in a village near Hyderabad, India. Armaan does not... Read more

Well Done Abba - Movie Reviews

WELL DONE ABBA! has some wonderful moments but they're few and far between.
Bollywood Hungama
In the sweet village of Chikatpali, water is a big issue.
Indian Express
Arman Ali a driver in Mumbai goes on leave to marry off his daughter Muskaan who lives in a small village near Hyderabad. His boss is unhappy because he returns late but must listen to his driver's escapades back home before he decides to fire him. Turns
Times of India
The end result is that Well Done Abba is heart-felt and intermittently funny but not flat-out delightful like Benegal’s last film Welcome to Sajjanpur. You need oodles of patience to enjoy this one. I recommend that you wait for the DVD so you can speed u
All swell, but no well
Rajeev Masand
The film stands out with crisp sound design, authentic art direction, styling and cinematography
Smash Hits
The story goes something like this. Armaan Ali (Boman Irani) comes back after a mysterious self-extended three-month break, and his boss asks him to explain himself. Thus starts a colorful and exciting journey involving his twin brother (Boman Irani), the
Planet Bollywood
For the rest, there is always the IPL.
Director : Music : Lyrics : Starring :Shyam Benegal  Shantanu Moitra  Ashok Mishra , Ila Arun and Swanand Kirkere  Boman Irani, Minissha Lamba, Ila Arun, Ravi Kissan, Sonali Kulkarni and Sameer DattaniWell Done Abba Movie Review March 27, 2010 11:19:29 AM
Glam Sham
It's not one thing, it's actually quite a few things
Well Done Abba is clever and hard-hitting. You can’t ignore it simply because it is so different. If you’re a fan of political and social satire, WDA is a great watch. If you’re looking for a good feel good film sans the boring slapstick, once again Well
Bolly Spice
Shyam Benegal has always churned out unconventional movies that convey a distinctive message in a simple style. Starring Boman Irani, Minissha Lamba, Samir Dattani and Ila Arun in the lead, ‘Well Done Abba’ the latest from his stable, also speaks about co
It is then when he finds out the state government has started a special scheme under which those living under the poverty line will be given a sufficient amount to build a well on their land. But when he decides to avail of this scheme, he has to face cor
Shyam Benegal the pioneer of 'middle cinema' does it again. 'Well Done Abba' is a double whammy. After the success of 'Welcome to Sajjanpur' Shyam in this light heartner, again uses strong intelligent repartee rather than the usual buffoonery and slapstick prevalent in many Bollywood comedies giving us a major relief once again.
India Glitz
Despite its staid unattractive look and sometimes lumbering narrative Well Done Abba deserves to be seen and appreciated since it is truly from the heartland and heart of our country.
Now Running
For Benegal fans, good in parts
Bharat Student