Yamaleela 2 (2014)

Telugu 2 hrs 21 mins Fantasy, Drama
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Average Critic Rating: (2.11)
Cast: Diah Nicolas , KV Satish
Director: SV Krishna Reddy
Release Date: 28 Nov 2014

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Yamaleela 2 - All Reviews

In all, Yamaleela 2 lacks the freshness and charm of Yamaleela. Blame it on story or blame it on mundane narrative style of Krishna Reddy which is reminiscent of the ’90s, Yamaleela 2 is tedious watching.
The movie lacks perfection and comedy in few scenes, its a one time watch
N Veena, Filmi Beat
The film lacks freshness with the slow narration and when compared to its prequel, ˜Yamaleela 2™ is no match to it
Suresh Kavirayani, Deccan Chronicle
After delivering such a big hit long back, one would expect Krishna Reddy to give a much better sequel. But finally, Krishna Reddy has disappointed everyone big time. With a weaker story line, sloe narration, improper screen play and too many songs, SV Krishna Reddy has givem the audience enough reasons to cry over Yamaleela-2 .
The movie starts with Yamadharmaraja [Mohan Babu] and Chitragupta [Brahmanandam] landing on Earth. Chitragupta carries Bhavishya Vani [The book which tell the future of a human being] book along with him, however losses it accidentally. Krish [Satish] a doctor finds this book and keeps with him. Krish is in search of medical help to save his niece
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
AP Herald
This is more like a second edition to the super hit movie ‘Yamaleela’. However, there is a stark difference. In part one mother sentiment was the plot, part two has child sentiment. In part one, Ali is shown as a normal guy and it was very convincing. For his fight he gets Bruce Lee’s spirit which works. In the second part, Yama’s powers are given to hero which is not established strongly.
While giving a sense of deja vu, Yamaleela2 mostly looks like a pastchie of a burlesque.
India Glitz
Overall, ‘Yamaleela 2’ is no match to the first in series and SV Krishna Reddy is nowhere near to his touch. Never did we see him injecting unnecessary heroism elevating fights or playing sinfully out of the subject. Commercially, there is no need for a formula or calculator or Bhavishya Vaani to speculate the BO result. SVK sir, we are in 2014… come out of 1990s.
Mohan Babu and Brahmi combination too didn’t attract much on screen and this is a big drawback for the flick.
Mohan Babu and Brahmi combination too didn’t attract much on screen and this is a big drawback for the flick
Prefer Yamaleela DVD!
Nani, AP Today
We suggest you watch it only for Mohan Babu’s impressive performance.
Suresh Kavirayani, Deccan Chronicle
“Yamaleela-2″ is just the replica of Yamaleela with slight changes. This film is touted to be a good family entertainer with elements like comedy and sentiment. All those audience, who have missed Yamaleela can watch this Yamaleela-2 for a relief this weekend. If you have already watched Yamaleela, then this is really boring
Telugu Mirchi
With Yameela 2, Krishna Reddy proves that he is still stuck in the 90’s and provides routine entertainment from those days. Mohan Babu’s performance and a well executed first half are basic plus points in the film. If you don’t mind watching routine entertainment and have a liking for S V Krishna Reddy mark of comedy, you can give this film a shot.
The film is nowhere close to the original version either in terms of its content or its humour
Hemanth Kumar, The Times of India
When sequel comes for a blockbuster, however old it may be, expectations will be high. Director Krishna Reddy made the film with high budget without considering the fact that it stars a debutantein lead role. Expectations increased with Mohan Babu and Brahmanandam donning the roles of Yama and Chitragupta.
here were high expectations for this movie as S V Krishna Reddy is famous for making clean family entertainers and he is directing almost after a decade. But audiences will be disappointed to see that there are many drawbacks in the movie like hero’s performance, situation less songs, dragged narration and comedy which don’t make you laugh (Tagubotu Ramesh, Gabbar Singh gang jokes etc.,). Cinematography is good and all the locations were caught well on camera. Costumes by Diah Nicolas are very good. Production values are good.
Business Of Tollywood