Yeh Toh Two Much Ho Gayaa (2016)

Hindi Action, Drama
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Average Critic Rating: (1.60)
Cast: Jimmy Shergill , Pooja Chopra , Bruna Abdullah , Arbaaz Khan , Murli Sharma , ZARINA WAHAB , Maushumi Udeshi , Dev Sharma , Vijay Patkar
Director: Anwer Khan
Release Date: 23 Sep 2016

Plot: Lookalike second brothers subsistence in two diverse parts of the world gain trapped in moist situations when they unknowingly replace each other. Read more

Yeh Toh Two Much Ho Gayaa - Top Reviews

Identical twins, weepy mother, rude brother, heroine who loves hero from when she was a child, comic relief gangster, gangster who indulges brother... Every character that you see in this film is a ridiculous homage to Manmohan Desai. The director Anwar Khan has allegedly worked with the maestro for 17 years. No one can stop you from copying tropes, but who can teach you aesthetics?
Manisha Lakhne, Nowrunning
The movie certainly doesn’t look amateur. The team has spent money and effort in making a film that looks upmarket. Sadly they haven’t given the same sort of priority to writing or direction. As a result, Yea Toh Two Much Ho Gayaa just does not get its double role potential going. Jimmy Sheirgill should know what twins can achieve, his Tanu Weds Manu Returns was a rage within the same sort of premise. Sadly this film is a certified dud.
Rachit Gupta, Filmfare

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Yeh Toh Two Much Ho Gayaa - All Reviews

The film suffers from a wannabe syndrome
Mihir Bhanage, The Times of India
Uff! The title dispels the film and sadly, sticks to what it means.With a promising premise and actors cast in dual roles, the film could have been a blockbuster entertainer. But alas, the cookie crumbles with each passing frame
You stagger out swearing that it's too much... No, cut that. You stagger out, swearing
Manisha Lakhe, Now Running